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UK: Projects for Sale

TIp-offs pouring in this week for UK mongrels begging to be raced. None of these sales are anything to do with Sideburn. Buyer beware.

Suzuki GS500 - been raced at Scunthorpe. Looks like it would love to be spanked on Mablethorpe Beach. £700 takes it. It's got a Racefit end can. WTF? eBay

Yamaha XT500 Flattracker Flat tracker project. This bike has just arrived from the US, it is a genuine flattracker with modified frame, acront (sic) rims, flat track tyres, fibre glass tank and seat unit and a box section swinging arm. The engine that comes with the bike is an SR500 unit preffered for their heavier crank and better gear shifting. It has been race tuned and bored to 535, I cant confirm this as I dont want to lift the head but that is what I was told.

The spelling mistakes are the sellers (like I never make them). Those looks like 18in wheels, which limits the tyre choice, so check if you're seriously interested. eBay.

XS650 Flat tracker project, I have owned it for a couple of years but being realistic I am not going to build it, so regretfuly I have to sell it. The engine came from a running bike. It comes with hand made exhausts, 750 big bore kit, and a brand new box section swining arm, these alone are worth £500.

That's the seller talking, not us. It has a buy it now of £1700. eBay.

Thanks to Kev H and Ross S for the tip-offs.

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