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The One Pro

You've read about Todd's exploits at Salem and coming soon is their biggest race of the year, The One Pro. It coincides with the same weekend at The One Show, and the track is an easy one-hour drive away. I went out to watch it last year and the racing was wild. Travis was competing on the electric Alta and wrote about it for Sideburn 29. Last year the race was on Sunday afternoon, this time it's Saturday night.

For 2018, get this:

£10,000 Pro Race Purse

£2000 Ladies Race Purse

First round of the 2018 Superhooligans series and the best indoor tracks I've ever seen. Todd and his Vintage 250 classmates show you don't need a lot of money to get involved in this very cool scene and share the pits with top stars like Sammy Halbert, Joe Kopp and Jeffrey Carver.

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