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Contingency Keeps Coming

The prize money fund for the 2018 season continues to rise. The latest addition is from exhaust manufacturer, and one of Indian's technical partner, S&S Cycles. The Wisconsin company says their contingency has expanded to include...

'Kawasaki and Harley powered twins as well as privateer Indian racers (excludes the Indian Motorcycles Wrecking Crew). Payouts down to 10th place with over $70,000 up for grabs and another $5000 for a championship. For the first time, S&S is also offering a custom exhaust build and dyno tuning session at no additional cost in their Wisconsin facility (by appointment only). All S&S systems are lightweight stainless and all are designed to meet the 105dB sound limit.'

They don't give details on the breakdown of the prize money, but that $5000 for the championship is safe - one of the Wrecking Crew will pick that up. Also, if the 2018 results pan out anything like this season most of the podium places will be hoovered up by the factory Indians, so the thicker end of the payouts won't be touched either either. Still, privateers must buy exhausts, and S&S have proved beyond all doubt theirs work, so the added chance of prize money down to tenth place, plus that offer of tech support can't be a bad thing. A privateer, like Jeffrey Carver, who will undoubtedly use an S&S exhaust on his new FTR750, could be in for a decent pay day at each successful round. The reasons for racing an FTR750 in 2018 keep stacking up.

Coincidentally, the welder in the photos is friend of Sideburn and original California Hooligan racer Hunter Klee, who moved east to work for S&S. His hooligan bike featured in our Flat Out Friday coverage in SB28.

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