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Not All Heroes Wear Capes

These two are our old friends Geoff Co-Built and Wilky at our recent winter party/camp-out. Geoff arrived on a Honda 450 enduro (wearing Vans hi-tops!?) and Wilky decided the perfect vehicle for such a trip was his 70-year-old, survivor Harley flathead chop. I don't think the old 45 had run since it featured in the video for the very first Dirt Quake promo video back in 2012 (below). And it didn't run very well that day. Wilky worked out that he was adjusting the Linkert carb the wrong way, screwing adjusters in instead of out, or vice versa. Even armed with this new insight, Wilky still broke down four times between west Manchester and the north side of Hebden Bridge on the way to the Winter party, a distance of 43 miles. When the throttle cable snapped Wilky bodged it so the front brake lever was acting as the throttle instead of the twistgrip. This on one of the worst days for riding in recent years. (Photo: Andy Ellis)

If you heaven't read Ed Hebtroco's Winter Party Story yet, you're missing out.

Below is the video Wilky and his chop featured in, that we made to promote the first Dirt Quake way back when. What a great job Haley and Dan did with that film. Click the VIDEO tag (or in the navigation bar) to see more Sideburn films.

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