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I was never much of a skater, but I wished I was. Mid-'80s, Leeds, there wasn't much going on. A mate and I would roll around, inspired by import Thrashers and Skate Muties from the Fifth Dimension, but we were clueless and there were no skate parks or ramps, that we knew of, where we could go to practice, and decent street skating was beyond our ken.

But I dug the music around it. The main UK skate punk band was The Stupids, and I saw them a few times, but Suicidal Tendencies were the band in the odd copies of Thrasher I managed to pick up. The Crips bandanas, the upturned peak baseball caps, the heavy shirts buttoned only at the collar. Strong look.

Recently, I've been listening to the Repo Man soundtrack a lot, and this track is on it. Apparently, it was one of the first punk songs to be picked up by MTV. Watching the period piece video, you can see why (though I never had access to MTV, I read enough about it to know what was popular. Dire F+cking Straits for a kick-off. The video often being more important than the song, still, this is a good one. Enjoy the angst.

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