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Marc Marquez Pulls Out Of Superprestigio

What was regarded as the biggest flat track race in the world is in danger of fizzling out. The format, that was exciting when launched (or relaunched) in 2014, now seems tired. Same venue, same commentator, same invited riders (on the whole). This will be the fifth in four years and rumours we hear say it's going to take an indefinite break. If you haven't been, it's worth seeing. We have been a couple of times and we're not in a rush to return.

Brad Baker, who has been invited every year, is out, recovering from surgery. It seems US #1 Jared Mees is giving it a miss too. This year, Briar Bauman and JD Beach are attending, with one other US rider being lined up. Both Beach and Bauman are short track beasts, so it will be exciting. Getting Sammy Halbert in the mix too, or Jeffrey Carver would be great.

The DTRA will be represented by Toby Hales, who broke his collarbone there last year, and one other rider. It seems the UK champ, Alan Birtwistle (#30 in the photo above), is unlikely to travel out to Spain for the race, which shows that the Superprestigio is losing its lustre.

Oliver Brindley is riding too, though now he's as much a representative of AFT as the DTRA, having completed a full season in the AFT singles championship this year.

This is the quote the organisers sent out from Marc Marquez.

The race takes place on 16 December at Palau San Jordi, Barcelona. So if you've never been and fancy it, get there. It's a great spectacle, just needs a freshen up for those who've been a few times. Get tickets here.

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