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Pikes Peak: Another Perspective

We've covered Pikes Peak a number of times in the magazine, first when Dimitri Coste raced there (SB10), next when we followed Guy Martin and his turbo Suzuki out there and we put him the Sam Christmas photo of the cover of SB18; then SB22 when Travis wrote about racing the Ronin up the mountain to a podium place; then most recently in SB30 where Travis wrote the story of his life about the ride of his life on the Kriega-sponsored Bottpower Pikes Peak Special.

We guess you like the place too, so we thought you might like this - Ken Block's latest drift opus. This time he's in a 4wd, 1400bhp, twin turbo Mustang. It's a mighty impressive display of driving, if somewhat repetitive, and gives a few different perspectives on the mountain to help those who haven't made it out there, helping to piece together what it looks like. When Block stops at the ranger station/toll booth, that is lower that the start of the actual race track.

If you want buy an of the back issues mentioned above (SB18 is sold out), type in the code MAGSRULE when prompted and get the magazine for half of its cover price for ONE WEEK ONLY.

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