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Thee Evaporators

Norm from Motorcycho asked if I'd put this video on the blog. When Norm asks, Sideburn obeys. He adds these facts about Thee Evaporators and their lead, Nardwuar (the Human Serviette).

Nardwuar is a Canadian legend, a walking encyclopedia of the history of garage rock in Canada, has done a radio show in Vancouver, Canada at CiTR radio for 30 years, has interviewed hundreds of bands over the years, and once asked Soviet President Gorbachev 'Who has a largest pants of all the world leaders?'

An Evaporators gig has been the first rock and roll show for all of my four kids!

Members of my family have appeared in 4 different Evaporator videos

I almost bought the Dunebuggy that has been featured in numerous Evaporator videos, TV spots, newspaper features as well as on a 7" cover

Nardwuar's other band, Thee Goblins, appeared on a Motorcycho compilation 7" called "Always Wear an Approved Safety Helmet"

Nardwuar is one of the hairiest guys you will ever meet!

Find our more at

To get a feel for why Norm is so in love with Nardwuar, I watched a few of his interviews online. Then this TED talk popped up. It's well worth a watch.

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