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Union Magazine #4

Like an whole box set of Louis Theroux's Weird Weekends, or book of Jon Ronson's adventures with extremists, this British magazine travels the world to hang around with those on the margins of society, some further into margins than others and crams all their bizarre stories and life experiences into 136 page. It's a ticket out of whatever echo chamber you're social media has railroaded you down. There's stuff in here you won't find anywhere else.

Made by a long-term friend of mine, the photographer James Cheadle, and his feature-hunting 'husband' Martin Pashley, we love the mag so much we stock it in our online shop (even if I'm bored stiff of the whole 'finger to the photographer' default biker pose).

Issue 4 contains...

  • LA Litas - Cover story - Inside the growing phenomenon of the all girl biker movement.

  • The life and times of a bare knuckle boxer and a golfing legend.

  • A look at one of the world's more notorious borders.

  • The building of Salvation Mountain.

  • Lebanon rock form The Wanton Bishops

  • Bigfoot Hunters

  • Inside the shady world of the human body parts industry.

  • A weekend with the world's oldest gay biker MC.

  • The holy men of India's largest religious festival.

  • Report from the World Adult movie convention.

  • A look at man's ambitions to colonise the Red Planet.

  • Inside the Colombian mountain that eats men.

  • A trip to the gym with China's oldest sex symbol.

And it smells great too. We have just two copies of Union issue 3. Go to to get yours.

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