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So, for whatever reason, the band booked to top off the DirtQuake USA event, failed to show up.

The Trophy presentations and supposed gig were taking place in an open-sided barn, out on the perimeter of the Castle Rock track site, at midnight.

With an ominous sense of impending motorcycle anarchy and chaos (especially as there was now no party band to keep the drunken moto frolickers distracted) Gary and myself opted to vacate the barn straight after the presentations and headed back a couple of hundred yards to a friend's trackside camp.

We sat, chatted and had a beer in the warm night air. It was a super-clear night. Castle Rock is out in the sticks and with no light pollution, we could see the 'Milky Way' straight above us. Apart from the occasional burn out or odd firework, it was unusually very peaceful.

It had been a very long day and at about 2am we decided to leave for the motel. As we walked back to our car we bumped into Thor's wife and See See coffee shop manager, Tori. Gary enquired about the state of things over at the barn (not really wanting to know the answer)... Tori replied 'Oh it's great, they are having a disco dance


That was the very last response we expected. We headed over to check it out and sure enough there was a barn full of folks all grooving to 'You Sexy Thing' by Hot Chocolate. Evidently, See See Coffee's Reno, Nevada manager, Jack had taken it upon himself to patch his phone into the up until then, redundant PA system... and it worked a treat!

It was a real leveler to see the likes of the hardcore Hooligan racers dancing along with the kids who had been sat in the grandstands all day. It was a brilliant way to close the event. If it had been planned I don't think it would have been the same... There was a lot of love in the room... The world truly is one big onion.

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