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DirtQuake USA Megapost Pt 1

DirtQuake USA did not disappoint. It doesn't get any easier to put together, but it goes down a storm. See See Motorcycles added a few new ingredients into the tried and tested mix and more people than ever turned up over a 90-plus degree weekend.

The good people at Enginethusiast took a bunch of photos and these are some of my personal favourites.

The campsite filled up on Friday with rare haulers, huge RVs and bike packed with tents and rollmats.

Friday night saw the local Mount St Helens MC running regular race classes for pros and amateurs and also a hooligan class for those who'd travelled to race on Saturday. Above is Andy DiBrino, 62, on the See See XG750 that we featured in Sideburn 24 and Thor on his new H-D Roadster Hooligan. It was won by Jordan Baber, who'd drive 30 hours from Iowa for the event.

The campsite kept buzzing late into the night. This is Sideburn contributor Preston Burroughs and his ladyfriend, Leticia Cline.

Saturday started easy with a custom show.

Then there was a minibike thunderdome dosey doe.

Crackers machines, like this two-wheel drive, were dotted everywhere.

And Scot's big wheel...

And this TZ750 street legal miler. See more about this in Sideburn in the future.

Then the Fox Shox Style contest starts. Fans are allowed to line the famous Castle Rock TT jump (that has been reprofiled just for DirtQuake to give more of a kick). Joey the anouncer talks to the participants, like Mark 'Rusty Butcher' Atkins. And sends them off one at a time.

The Butcher attempted a heel-clicker on a Sportster! Read about this geezer in Sideburn 25. He's on the cover.

Jimmy Hill jumped one of RSD Indian Scouts with style.

Rusty Butcher team rider, Mikey Vyrus, pulled this massive jumped on his Sportster, then used the same bike to win his Superhooligan heat race that night.

More DQUSA when I get another half-an-hour...

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