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Travis vs America's Mountain

We're working hard to finish the next issue of your favourite magazine, that will be out in August. What will certainly be one of the most memorable features we've ever run has been written by our man in Colorado, Travis Newbold.

As we've mentioned before, Sideburn heard from Kriega that they were sponsoring Bottpower's project to race one of the Buell-powered, high-end street tracker/streetfighters at Pikes Peak. I asked who was riding and Dom from Kriega said he wasn't sure if they had a pilot lined up yet. I suggested Travis and Dom, who has advertised in every issue of Sideburn and knew all about Newbold, said I should email David Sanchez at Bottpower in Valencia with the idea.

Sideburn had featured the first Bott XR1, back in SB13, so it wasn't a completely out of the blue conversation. It all came together remarkably quickly, because Travis has a lot going for him, and our poet/tester was chosen as the rider. Then the story really began...

To whet your appetites, you can watch this onboard video of old Newbold hammering up the 156 turns; read about how Travis's shakedown test went down in Spain in our STORIES section, then you really should subscribe to eight issues of Sideburn, get a free Jade Japan T-shirt* and the next issue delivered to your door, as soon as is humanly possible, after it is published.

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