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Bottpower Got Power

We promised another update on today's Pikes Peak race and here it is. Travis Newbold brought the Bottpower home in fourth overall at the 95th running of the Pikes Peak International Hillclimb. He was behind the two factory 1290R SuperDukes and a modern Z900, not bad for a bike using a ten-year-old Buell pushrod race bike engine.

Both KTMs beat the previous quickest motorcycle course record. The result was 1. Fillmore. 2. Scaysbrook 3. Langlois 4. Newbold

Travis really battles with his conscience and feelings of guilty selfishness about racing on the road that took one of his good friend, Carl Sorenson, in practice two years ago.

Preparing the bike for the race was a lot more challenging that either to the team or Travis expected. There is going to be a full report by Travis in the next issue. I can't wait to read it.

Again, well done to all involved.

Read Travis's Story about the Bottpower XR1R first test.

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