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Hells Race Hooligans

Race report from the first DTRA Hooligan round that was held at the second annual Hells Race at Lelystad near Amsterdam. Lelystad is a speedway track, now owned by a couple of Sideburn's old friends and dirt track enthusiasts. It's a great little track, with top notch grading equipment, loads of camping and parking and no noise restrictions. They are running regular practices throughout the year.

Hells Race is organised by a group of Belgians who cut their dirt track teeth at Dirt Quake and really caught the bug. They did a great job.

Here's the DTRA report...

The 2017 DTRA Hooligan Championships kicked off in style at Hells Race in Leylstad, Holland on May 7. The event, which is brought to you by Harley Davidson, Sideburn magazine and the DTRA, features street bikes that are post 1980 twins 750cc and above. The bikes have unmodified frames, the front brake disconnected and no knobbly tyres are permitted. As a result, there was an eclectic mix of bikes on the start line.

After three rounds of qualifying the final saw Jonathan Falkman from Sweden (top #5) grab the lead going into the first corner. He was followed by Sideburn editor and owner Gary Inman from Great Britain with Holland’s Bart Verstijnen in third. Falkman was in fine form and untouchable out front as blasted to the win. Behind, Inman continued to ride well and had no problem holding on to second place.

The battle for third heated up in the final laps Britain’s Ross Sharp started to catch Verstijnen. In the final stages of the race Sharp made his move and rode himself on to the final spot on the podium.

Round two of the series will take place at the MCN Festival of Motorcycling in Peterborough on May 13-14.

My Sportster was great fun to ride. It had been a bit of a ball-ache to get the S&S Cycle 1200 Hooligan kit, due to my inexperience with Harley engines, not the kit, which is beautiful quality. I was amazed at how many liberties I could take with this bike, and I'm looking forward to keep on improving it. There's a lot experience in making these bikes go well, out in the USA, and I'm going to keep asking questions.

Like, how much difference will fitting 1200 heads, instead of the 883 ones really make?

Ross Sharp from the Bike Shed was his usual all-action self on his Cagiva. I knew I was riding well if I was ahead of him.

Dimitri Coste arrived on his newly built RSD-equipped Scout Hooligan. It looked great, but he had a tough day during the shakedown race.

Don't worry about the kickstand, it knows to get out of the way. Chaz was one a a large contingent of Brits who travelled out to the Netherlands to support Hells Race.

James Smith turned up on yet another trick Sportster. He has a very tidy ironhead that looks very similar, if not better, for sale for £7000. Find him on instagram at @james_hlt

Photos: Ian Osbourne/ DTRA

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