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Bird's Eye Rye

We get used to technology so quickly nowadays it's shocking. We gobble up advances that would have blown the minds of 1960s NASA, to the point if we can't get a 3G signal we lose our shit. This morning I was reading about India's headlong rush to a cashless society, where they will moving towards a situation where every single transaction in the billion-plus strong nation will be paid for on card or through phone apps, so even in the poorest rural areas where people live below the poverty line will need a smartphone to buy rice, or go back to a system or bartering, because there will be no notes or coins to exchange.

Anyway, I distinctly remember the first photographer I knew to get a drone. He had to attach his £5000 Canon 5D to it back then to get magazine publishable quality photos, and guess at exposures and focus. Now tech-savvy photographers like Ed Subias have drones that lock onto the subject, so he can ride into the desert on his own, send up the drone, climb on to his Sportster and ride around the desert with his own drone following him. What?! This is the new normal.

Still, having said all that, it's great to see the recent DTRA race from Rye House shot from a drone. Good work, whoever did it.

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