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Dirt Quake VI is to be held at King's Lynn. For this UK event, we're having even more days, more classes split over the two days, and more fun.

Friday night is still DTRA night, with added Hooligans, plus live band and DJs.



Street Tracker/Scrambler - road bikes, not race bikes

Scooter - Lambrettas, Vespas, T-Maxs, Mitsubishi Silver Pigeons, what have you...

Ladies - any bike, as long as it would fit into one of the other classes, not race bikes.

Harley - any shape or size. Road bikes only please.


Inappropriate Road Bike

125cc - road not race or pit bikes


Best of British - Any Brit road bike, any era


  • Entries open on Monday 20th March. Entries received before that day will be ignored.

  • Entry price is £48 (£40 plus VAT). This is NON-REFUNDABLE.

  • All bikes must be pre-entered and approved.

  • Send a photo of your bike and the class you want to enter to If you send your entry email to any other address it will not be logged.

  • If your email address is not your full name, put your real name in the email, it saves confusion later.

  • We'll log entries in order, first come first served, as long as the bike is right for the class. Once the bike has been approved we will give you a link to an online entry form and payment link. You have THREE working days from the links being sent to pay. If you do not pay in this time we will offer the place to the next on the list.

  • Even if your bike is approved, your entry is not confirmed until you pay.

  • One class per person. We want to fit in as many people as possible, so, for now, you cannot enter two different classes. Two riders can share a bike in two different classes, if they both enter and are accepted.

  • Hooligan class will run in compliance with the DTRA's Hooligan rules.

  • Riders must purchase an MCF day licence on their race day, if you don't already have a current MCF licence. No other race licences are suitable. Cost is £15, paid in CASH on the day to the DTRA at sign-on.

  • If the class you entered is sold out you will be put on the reserve list.

  • 18-year-olds and over.

  • Bikes will be inspected by a scrutineer before racing. If it doesn't pass there is no refund. The things our inspectors are looking for are common sense and listed below.

  • Race format. Everyone gets one practice, two heat races and a final (if the rider and bike are in one piece and make it to the track gate in time to compete in their heats).

  • Riders get a weekend pass as part of their entry. Everyone else must buy a ticket.

  • GoPros and similar are allowed to be securely fastened to bikes, but cannot be worn on harnesses or fastened to helmets.


We need to check that your bike is safe to race. It's all common sense stuff.

  • Your bike does not need to be MoT'd and insured, but it must look road legal.

  • Mag wheels with big gaps in them are covered up. This is to stop limbs going through them. Cut plastic or fibre board and securely zip tie in place.

  • Levers must have a ball end or be taped

  • Footrests must fold or be taped

  • Chain must be covered at the point it joins the front sprocket

  • Glass lights must be taped. Mirrors taped or removed.

  • No uncovered primary drives.

  • Bikes should be in a general safe condition (pay attention to wheel bearings, loose parts, sharp parts)


As part of the entry you will sign to confirm that you will wear suitable safety clothing. There is a minimum: Suitable helmet, suitable eye protection, gloves, over the ankle boots, long sleeves, long trousers.

On top of that we recommend the best protection you can get your hands on. We race in full leathers, with armour and back protectors and full-face helmets and we don't go much quicker than the average Dirt Quaker.

No long scarves or anything that can be caught in chains or wheels.

Best fancy dress wins a prize, but make sure it's over something that can survive a slide.

Dirt Quake is run to Motorcycle Federation rules and guidelines. They specify that helmets must comply to one of the following: British Standards Institution BS 6658-A; British Standards Institution BS 6658-B ; UN ECE Regulation 22 ECE 22-05; Snell Memorial Foundation; Snell M2005 or M2010 (individual approval only) M2005.

Remember, when you enter you are confirming you will comply to these regulations.


Camping will be available , a short walk from the track. Details to follow.


Ticket details to follow.

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