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Ike & Tina

Off-topic Sunday!

There is so much sex in this 1969 Italian recording of Tina, Ike and the Ikettes, that my laptop started breathing heavy.

Could those mini dresses be any shorter? Could that hair be any straighter? Could those go-go moves be any tighter? And that finale!

Then there's the backing band. They would fail a drugs test from 300 yards. Ike is wearing a helmet of human hair and a physiognomy of pure, only here-for-the-paycheck boredom, despite playing behind a line-up of über-femmes so drenched in sexual chemistry the bass drum needs an anchor to stop it from floating away.

And his clamdigger trousers are such a brave move I've not even seen David Beckham try to reprise them.

The 1:07 time change puts me so out of whack, I've watched this clip nine times and I still shake my head in a Shaggy from Scooby-Doo fashion every time it happens.

God, I love YouTube.

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