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Bottpower x Pikes Peak x Kriega

Remember we told you that Sideburn's poet/racer Travis Newbold was lined up to race the Bottpower XR1 at Pikes Peak? Well, there's good news and good news.

Firstly, the team has confirmed it has been accepted into the much reduced motorcycle entry.

Secondly, the team's main sponsor, Kriega, has released a limited edition range of Bottpower Pikes Peak luggage. There will be just 50 of each item, and the range includes:

R20 backpack

Urban EDC messenger bag (I have a regular Urban in almost daily use and it's bombproof)

Sling EDC messenger bag

Notebook laptop bag (I've been using one for years, excellent)

All profits from the sale of these items goes directly to the underdog Bottpower Pikes Peak effort. See the range at

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