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Support Your Local Racetrack

Flat track is enjoying a resurgence, more promoters, racers and race classes than in recent history, but we shouldn't take anything for granted. I met up with Travis Newbold last weekend in Oregon, where he was racing the Alta Redshift electric flat tracker for Sideburn at the One Pro Races, Salem. The poet/racer explained that 2016 was one of the most successful for Colorado flat track for years, but this year the championship isn't running. The promoters can't work out a deal with the racetrack owners, so they've called it a day and, as yet, no one has stepped up to take over. That's a whole state, the eighth biggest in terms of area, without a single flat track race.

Local flat track races are put on by enthusiasts, staffed by enthusiasts and sponsored, if there is any sponsorship, by enthusiasts. Paying $10 to spectate or a bit more to race is the only way to keep the sport alive.

Our good friend and occasional contributor, Randy Kremlacek is running the California Flat Track Association series and runs a class for just about every bike, or skill level, you can imagine, at a wide variety of tracks.

If you're promoting races or trying to build a scene, anywhere in the world, get in touch and we'll tell our followers about what you're doing. Support your local racetrack.

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