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Sideburn Himalayas 2017

Photos: Vir Nakai/Helmet Stories

The dates and prices are out for the Helmet Stories x Sideburn Himalayan Adventure are out now. Head over to the STORIES page to read Travis's report from 2016, see a bunch of evocative photos from the same trip and all the details for 2017. Paul L made the short and shaky film, below, on the road on the same 2016 trip that gives a good taste of the terrain you can expect.

The riding is slightly challenging, like you'd want it, but nowhere near as tough or fast-paced as our Morocco/Sahara trip. This will be our third Pangi Valley trip with Helmet Stories and we haven't had a single grumble from the last two sold out trips.

You deserve an adventure, right? Go here to find out more.

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