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Sportster Ready for Snow Quake

The Sideburn Sportster keeps developing. The plan is to ride it out to Snow Quake, 1000 miles, give or take, in the middle of January, then swap the wheels and race it.

Survivor Customs made the tubular steel wheel carrier, full front mudguard, small rear guard, wheel spacers and a headlight bracket. There isn't much room to sit.

Carl at CFM MoT'd the bike, wired in the new OEM Sportster headlight, Motone tail light and did a few other jobs. I spent yesterday making sure the wheels swapped in and out, took the sprocket and brake disc off my Wood Rotax for the rear wheel. It needed a bit of mucking about with the disc, but less than I feared. I'm happy. Can you tell?

Read how our Sportster has changed, from forward controls and ape hangers to hooligan, in Sideburn 27.

Sideburn x Deus Ex Machina's Snow Quake is 19th January at the Ice Rosa Ring, Italy.

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