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For Sale: Triumph T120 750 Framer

Our mate Guy S is selling one of his wonderful big-bore Triumph racers for £7995.

It's Christmas, treat yourself.

The bike is located in Oxfordshire, UK. It's a racer not a road bike. Keep it as a racer. Here's what Guy says...

Triumph T120 1970 engine in a VMC frame.

Imported from Ohio in 2014 by me, this bike won the UK DTRA Vintage Class Championship in 2015.

The 650 motor is fitted with a 750 big bore kit and was modified for racing in the US. It has a ported head, racing valve springs, racing cams. It runs a pair of Mikuni carbs, which were new in 2015 replacing the worn Amal mk2s previously fitted. Ignition is an ARD mag, a favourite of US racers because they are very reliable, robust and don't need a battery.

Starting is via a remote 1/2" drive remote start socket on the left hand side crankshaft end. The left primary drive case is a period skinny flattrack item for extra ground clearance (no generator required or fitted). Alternatively starting can be via a roller starter. It starts easily and idles reliably.

The clutch is a 7 plate LP Williams new in 2015.

Stainless exhausts were made in 2015 specifically for this bike by Geoff at Co-Built.

Front forks are Betor in Weiss flattrack adjustable yokes. Rear shocks are Ohlins, again new in 2015, piggy back reservoir type with adjustable compression, rebound, ride height and hydraulic preload adjusters.

Wheels are 19" with Excel rims, spool front hub, rear quick change Barnes type hub. Swing arm bushes replaced last year, also front wheel bearings and spindle.

The fibreglass Trackmaster tank and Champion seat unit are very good, and were repainted in red and silver metal flake with a lot of 2k lacquer in early 2016.

The frame was made in 2004 by VMC Racing Frames in Cleveland, Ohio, by Doug Horner. It's oil in frame, made specifically for flattrack racing, and is based on an early 1970s Redline Racing design.

It's a fast, reliable and nice handling bike. It's a race bike, not a show bike, and is being sold as such.

See and read more at Triumph T120 Racebike. The contact details are there too.

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