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Triumph to Race AFT in 2021

I posted a somewhat flippant comment on instagram the other day under super photos of Mikey Martin on the Bonneville Performance Triumph twin, from a feature in Sideburn 11. I wrote, 'We’ve been making Sideburn so long we remember when Triumph used to race.'

The bike we featured competed in the 2012 season, but the last time, we believe, a Triumph scored points in the GNC was at Springfield, 4 September 2016, an 8th with Jake Shoemaker on board. AFT commentator Scottie Deubler informed us that Bill Gately, of Bonneville Performance, was at Daytona with his Triumphs. I messaged Bill and he said he was there to drum up interest from riders for next season.

An announcement followed...

'Bonneville Performance is proud to announce a new partnership with Evil Hours Racing on the Triumph Bonneville platform. As a 501c3 flat track racing organization, Evil Hours Racing is committed to using their racing program to help veterans of foreign wars with post traumatic stress find hope and healing. Through a number of unique initiatives, Bonneville Performance and Evil Hours Racing will help those suffering win 'the last mile'. Stay tuned for more details as we look towards 2021.'

Not sure if they plan to race Production Twins or SuperTwins, but I've asked the question. More details as we get it. GI

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