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Travis Does Nepal!

More than half the spaces for the 2020 Sideburn Nepal trip have sold and that before we've even announced that our rep is going to be the one and only Travis Newbold! Travis is a veteran of both Sideburn Himalayan and Sideburn Morocco trips and we couldn't think of a better rep, and this time he is going with his wife, Rachel. Here's what he says about his previous experiences.

I have been lucky and had the pleasure of exploring some different ends of this planet with motorbike handlebars in my grip. There is always somewhere new I am eager to go see. But when I got home after twisting a grip in the Himalayas I knew I wanted to return for more. There is just so much to see and experience there. The views alone were just too much to take in. Big huge mountains! I love big huge mountains! The Helmet Stories crew are some of the very finest people I have ever come to know. The culture and cuisine are also favourites around the Newbold house. My wife had a school trip into north India and then went back on a medical mission to Nepal. We both had our time there solo and agreed that we need to go back together. And I of course suggested (maybe insisted) that two up on a Royal Enfield would surely be the ultimate way to experience an adventure. Smart? I don't know. We plan to find out. Fun times await!

To find out more about this October's trip simply click Sideburn Nepal 2020.


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