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The Stags In London

Sideburn's house band, The Stags are back in circulation, and playing in London next Saturday, at Buzzsaw Joint, Strongroom Bar, Shoreditch. We've already got tickets, and they are, like the band's fashion sense, from a bygone time at just £4.

What to expect - Hammond organ-driven, 1960s-flavoured floor-fillers; witty repartee between the songs; Dave Skooter Farm on bass; stylish yet anachronistic crowd; some kitchen sink sex fizz supplied by lead singer Topsy Stag.

Visit Buzzsaw Joint for details and tickets.

See a post of a previous Stags show.

And check this clip of them performing at an Ugly Big Ball.

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Travis Newbold
Travis Newbold
Oct 03, 2021

I’d give my left nut to see The Stags!

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