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The Hang Out: Vanishing Point

Our friend Andrew at Bolt London sent us news of this event, happening next week, that he's a part of and it sounds great. Here's the official spiel.

The Hang Out

Presented by Rebel Reel Cine Club and Bolt London A curated evening of visual and audio stimulation inspired by a cult film, Vanishing Point.

24th September 6.30pm to 11pm

The Silver Building, Silvertown West (DLR), Docklands

Seating is Picnic Tables socially distanced for groups up to 6

The venue is a monument to brutalist architecture with an outside area under the cover of the DLR raised track platform

Fully Track and Trace compliant

Tickets from £16.50 (first 50 tickets)

On the 20ft Screen

Jailbird (1971)

This short film from reknowned tailor and co-owner of iconic 60s shop and hang out Granny Takes A Trip

Vanishing Point (1971)

THE Ultimate Road Movie

Dreams of The Vanishing West

Images from Melody Kahtava of buildings and the landscape of the lost west – reminiscent of the landscape, buildings and towns in Vanishing Point


A young jailbird manages to escape from prison but struggles to hold down a job in this dialogue-free experimental short by John Pearse, co-owner of 60s fashion emporium Granny Takes a Trip. Pearse turned to film in the early 70s and shot this film, which stars his wife Florence Nicaise, in Westbourne Grove and Lots Road in London. It remained unseen until 1979, when it was shown with the feature Caligula.

Dreams of The Vanishing West

Melody and Bryan Kahtava scour the mines and forgotten buildings of the Mid-West of America – looking like the towns that Kowalski speeds through and past in Vanishing Point – “Some are funny. Some are touching. Some are creepy. Some are boring…”

Melody’s photographs capture a forgotten and often now destroyed world, they are both driven forward by preservation of history, both through photos and arterfacts, preserving something that otherwise would never have been seen again

Interactive Jukebox

Zippo’s Records

London’s infamous Zippo Records spans a 40 year history from Berwick street Soho to their current residency at Bolt London. They will be curating a themed collection of records for guests to select for their live DJ jukebox.

Rebel Reel Cine Club

Creating experiential cinema events curated with visuals and content discovered online, in books and in the real world Rebel Reel Cine Club takes inspiration from films, scenes, directors to create events that are safe for the current world and attract like minded individuals to Hang Out – drawing from Cult Classics, Forgotten Gems, Indie, Arthouse films partnering with brands, food and music in inspiring venues and locations

Bolt Motorcycles

Founded in 2013 by Andrew Almond, BOLT London has become a key arbiter and protagonist within the motorcycle scene both in London and throughout the world. More than a label, BOLT London is an authentic participant and evocative champion of a culture with a rich heritage and evolving resonance.

We build custom motorcycles as functional testaments to the scope of design and the craft of fabrication. Events produced have ranged from stages at music festivals, films, art exhibitions and our frequent parties in our courtyard in London. Our store is a social space foremost

We specialise in apparel inspired by the sub-cultures of motorcycling. Designing authentic garments that combining style, craftsmanship and the highest quality materials. We develop our own fabrics and work with small scale luxury manufacturers in London, Italy and Portugal. Our clothes are designed to last and improve with wear, to be a companion on the road. Alongside this is curated apparel from brands sourced from across the globe, vintage pieces, artwork and collectibles.

Our motorcycle mechanics workshops cover everything from basic to advanced mechanics. The courses offer a hands on approach to developing new skills and to maintaining your motorcycle.

Youth Club Archive

YOUTH CLUB is a not-for-profit organisation working to preserve, share, educate and celebrate youth culture history through a passionate network of photographers and creatives.

“We celebrate youth culture through curated events, exhibitions, collaborations and consultancy, and are working towards the goal to open the world’s first Museum of Youth Culture in London.

Our images, features and essays are a real reflection of British and International people's lives, celebrating self expression, energy and passion. Content featured includes but is not limited to: subculture, counterculture, fashion, music, art, travel, genres, social issues, lifestyles, sports, nightlife, environments, humour and much much more…”

Tickets from £16.50 (first 50 tickets)


Sep 19, 2020

Vanishing Point is now on my list. Perhaps the rain out at Castle Rock is a good excuse. This event sounds fantastic. Dig.

Sep 18, 2020

Hell yeah.... I somehow managed to watch a late-night screening of VP aged 9 or 10, it had a lasting impression on me. It was a thrill to be up late watching an edgy adult road movie, enter the curiously named Gilda Texter? or 'nude rider' she was the first 3D nude person I'd seen and I was very interested! As Texter rode across our 14" colour PYE on her (from Memory) Honda CL 350, I asked my mother why she had no clothes on? My mother replied "some people are just like that" and I thought to myself, I'm one of those people.

Have a great night watching this seminal road movie, I'll be watching in solidarity of anyone…

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