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The Fantastic Mr Tuxworth

The awards ceremony for each Mablethorpe Sand Racing event takes place in Mr G's cafe on the seafront. It's always packed with racers, family and friends and the windows are so covered in condensation you can't see out.

Last Sunday's was special because Neil Tuxworth won his class, the 250 road bike category. This is the 50th anniversary of the club and Neil raced in the very first season only retiring five or six seasons ago. He made his comeback for the golden anniversary of this unique club.

Tuxworth was racing the same Honda 250 he has raced for decades. When Neil retired from beach racing, when he was still winning the class virtually every meeting, he sold the bike. Fortunately, the current owner, Les from Sideburn's favoured powder coaters - CJ Powder Coatings in Grimsby, agreed to loan him it back. Tuxworth is racing against one of the youngest senior riders in the series, 16-year-old go-er Dylan Lee and the pair traded wins. What other sport could that happen in?

If you're thinking the name Neil Tuxworth is familiar, he's a former top UK racer, but more famous for running Honda UK's glory-filled race team since 1989 until his retirement a couple of years ago.

Mablethorpe photo: Braking Point Images

A TZ, I think. Two fingers on the clutch.

Looks like a Honda CB750 proddie bike at the Isle of Man.

Win one of the official Honda Racing World Endurance Team bikes. Tuxworth managed many championship winning teams in World Superbike, British Superbike and real roads racing, working with riders including Kocinski, McGuinness, Slight, Kiyonari, Haslam, Martin, Edwards, Fogarty...


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