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The 85% Club is Back

Years ago I used to join the record club of independent record labels. Like a subscription, I'd receive surprise packages, having paid for them months before, from Estrus Records in Bellingham, Washington. At the time I didn't really know where Washington state was, now I've co-organised flat track races there. Anyway, these packages would be beautifully designed boxes of 7in singles and I've wanted to give a similar limited edition feel of being in a club with Sideburn's 85% Club.

The Sideburn 85% Club is for riders who are willing to give it 85% for 100% of the time (because they've got work on Monday). It's a club in a loose term, if you want to be a member then you're in. You're obviously on the right wavelength.

Like the first one, the second edition of Sideburn's 85% Club is strictly limited to 85 exclusive packs (with only 84 for sale, because I keep number 13). Each one is unique and will never be repeated. If your chosen number is not available that means it's already been sold.

Each hand-screenprinted box includes these exclusives:

  • Unique acrylic race number board

  • Club T-shirt (natural cream/off-white, roomy fit)

  • 85% Club neck tube made in Italy for Sideburn by Holy Freedom.

  • 2 x Race numbers to match your number (single digits get two number stickers, double digits gets four numbers)

  • Sticker pack

  • 2 x A3 posters

Each acrylic number board, just like those used in American Flat Track and the DTRA, is a one-off. If you get the number, it's guaranteed no one else in the world has it.

Because they're limited edition, each box will be sent by courier. When you order choose your number from the dropdown menu. You must tell us your T-shirt size and your telephone number so we can send your box to you. Failure to give us that info could hold up your order.

The latest box design and all its contents was designed by Radical Co-operative and features a #font created exclusively for Sideburn.


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