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The 101 Run

The organisers of the The 101 Run invited Sideburn to rustle up a bunch of bikes we like for a display within their London show. The twist is, every bike in the show must ride a 101-mile route to the venue (on top of whatever they have to do to get to the start of ride), that means our stock in trade, cool racebikes, are out of the running.

Instead we've arranged for a Mad Max line up of killer street trackers, muscle bikes and a true oddball.

Dice magazine are one of the organisers, so that's almost a 100% guarantee it's going to be good. The venue, Duke of London, looks fantastic too, plus they have legendary london motowomen, The VC, and Lewis Leathers, among others, on board too.

Find out more at and follow their instagram at the 101run


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