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Texas Half-Mile: Tomorrow

The 2021 American Flat Track schedule resumes tomorrow, at the Texas Half-Mile. This is the first race at the Texas Motor Speedway since 2019, as one of the Lone Star state's other half-miles, Devil's Bowl Speedway, Mesquite, hosted back-to-back rounds in 2020.

Estenson Yamaha's JD Beach leads the SuperTwins championship, with three races in the books, Briar Bauman is just 3pts back, with Robinson another 5pts back in the 3rd.

At this track, in 2019, the Twins podium was: 1. Mees 2. Briar Bauman 3. Robinson.

Interestingly, Halbert was 4th on the Harley XG750R and Vanderkooi was 6th on the Harley. Perhaps the track suits the Harley, but both those riders are now on FTR750s, so that makes it harder from Rispoli, on the lone Harley, to either of those atypical XG results.

According to the AMA's competitor website, there are a meagre 13 entries in the Mission Foods SuperTwins class.

Mees was too injured to take part in the main at the last round. Will he be fit to compete?

Can JD Beach and the Yamaha keep up their challenge?

Halbert won a major non-AFT round at Lima a couple of weeks ago. He looks like he's on fire.

The top three in the 2019 Singles race were: 1. Shayna Texter 2. Rush 3. Ott

Wunderkind, Dallas Daniels hadn't entered the class in 2019, but he won the title in 2020. The Singles is the biggest class again, with more entries - 34 - than the two twins classes combined.

The 2019 Texas HM Production Twins podium was: 1. Cory Texter 2. Varnes 3. Carlile

The Production Twins class is as difficult to predict as the Singles, maybe even more so. The Royal Enfield team has found more power, so Lewis and the Twin FT might be in contention. He's riding the wheels off the thing. Gauthier is on the H-D now, while Texter and Varnes are on the same machines and with have all their data from the previous visit to rely on. Dan Bromley should be strong, too. There are 19 Production Twins riders listed as entered on the AMA's site.

The race coincides with the new Get On Moto Fest at the same facility, so hopefully there will be lots of new eyes on AFT, perhaps watching the sport live for the first time.


In the USA, you can livestream with an NBC Trackpass

Foreign fans can livestream using this link:


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