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Surf's Up

Off-Topic Sunday.

The SFO Museum, in San Francisco's International airport (SFO is the airport's code) has a temporary exhibition focussing on surf music through the ages. One exhibit caught my eye, the double-necked guitar and bass drum skin from San Francisco band The Phantom Surfers. They were part of the Estrus, Mummies, Budget Rock universe of the late-80s, early-90s I loved so much.

I saw them play London, when travelling from Leeds to London for a gig was still quite a big deal for me. This was way before I knew Dave Skooter Farm, but he befriended the band and, I think, promoted some of their gigs in the North-West, which I can't have known about because I didn't go. There's a film below from one of the band's many trips to Europe, with lots of added va-va-voom.

Mosrite double-neck played by Davie Allan & The Arrows, who recorded the fantastic Blue's Theme for the seminal biker B-movie, The Wild Angels.

Link Wray's Danelectro

Double-neck guitars were obviously a big thing. This belonged to the maestro, Duane Eddy.

The exhibition runs until 18 July 2021. See more at SFO Museum.


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