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Season Finale

Two more semis.

One more 10-minute plus two lap main.

Two riders split by four points, four quite contentious points, as it turns out.

Jared Mees (six-time GNC/Twins champ) leads Briar Bauman (two-time AFT Twins champ).

It all shakes out at the Charlotte Half-Mile tomorrow night.

The best riders, on the best bikes. Mees with Kenny Tolbert working on his FTR750; Bauman with Dave Zanotti tuning the only true factory FTR750 on the grid.

Mees comes with the momentum of four back-to-back wins, but if Bauman wins with the race, he wins the title. If Mees finishes ahead of Bauman, he wins. If any other challengers get in the mix , it gets slightly more complicated.

Plus fan favourite, Jeffrey Carver is back for this race, and he won here last year.

And there's the small matter of the AFT Singles title, also going down to the last race with Dallas Daniels leading by 20pts from Max Whale.

Plus there is the Super Hooligan National Championship and Royal Enfield's BUILD.TRAIN.RACE women on track. What a night.


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Photo: Scott Hunter/AFT

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