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SB x Ornamental Conifer

It was a good day when Nico, Ornamental Conifer, DM'd Sideburn to say he'd created a T-shirt design for us. Did we want it?

We did. Of course we did.

We've followed Nico's career, art and craft, since he turned up as the passenger in the Ural sidecar to collect the bodywork of our project Royal Enfield (Sideburn 10 cover bike). He did a superb job, laying on a zombie hand, with a dismembered digit and the phrase, Pull Your Finger Out.

Since then he left England for Australia, then Los Angeles. He's painted jackets for the Arctic Monkeys, Porsches and Pinzgauers, and helmets worn by F1 driver (and 2021 Italian GP winner) Daniel Ricciardo.

The graphic and type heavy design he created for our sweatshirt was printed in England on a heavyweight sweatshirt, the same we've been using for a few years and really love for their ability to still look brand new after months of abuse and washing.

The sweatshirts are £40 + post. Order yours from

Thanks Nico!


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