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SB Greenfield Ride-Out

Thanks to everyone who turned out for our ride out to the DTRA Greenfield round a couple of weeks ago. Great mix of bikes, lovely weather, and Charlie Davidson on hand to take photos.

Super-clean and simple XS650 street tracker.

Ross Herrod's 1990s Aprilia Tuareg being admired. Aprilia's colours from this period are iconic.

Our art ed, Andy, led the ride on one of Krazy Horse's Indian Scout Street Hooligans.

This is Andy leaving Greenfield, heading to the meet-up. The Street Hooligans are sold as finished bikes, or in kit for for your own Scout. The conversion kit includes 19in wheels and dirt track rubber; 2-into-1 exhaust; ECU; tracker seat unit, seat pad and subframe; tail light; suspension mods; fork brace; foot controls. It totally changes the character of the Scout.

Contact Krazy Horse for details

(This photo by Sideburn, all the rest by Charlie Davidson).

CCM Spitfire. The British company has sold a lot of these over the last few years. Pokey singles with unique, Marmite styling.

Good mix of shiny metal.

Smiley people.

DTRA racer Murphy having a butcher's.

Plenty of Sideburn merch on display. It always puts a smile on our face to see it out and about.

We knocked up a route map so no one got lost.

Charlie is normally a Harley chopper-riding bad apple, but she borrowed her dad's mint VF1000 for the ride out.

Nice one. We should do it again some time.


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