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Sastre Kawasaki Twin

This stock frame Kawasaki ER-6n, just showed up on instagram. It was built by Pep Sastre, one of the top technicians at Kawasaki Spain, for, we hope, his son Ferran to race. I say hope, because Ferran is an absolute demon racer. He competed in the DTRA for the last couple of years, coming close to winning the title in 2019, and has also raced as an amateur in America, where he won big races.

The bike was hashtagged as a hooligan, but as a 650 Twin it's too small for most hooligan classes (they have a 750cc lower limit). The capacity is too low to race in the DTRA's new twin class (I'm told, but that doesn't seem right to me. This seems ideal for a twins class). It could race in European Thunderbike classes.

More details as we and when get them.

Follow Ferran on instagram at @215_Sastre


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