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Saint in the USA

Our friends at Saint (sorry, SA1NT), them with the Unbreakable denim, have officially moved into the US market, with a US-targeted website and warehousing (meaning fast service and local shipping, free returns and free shipping on purchases over $100).

The company was launched in Melbourne, Australia, in 2015, and have expanded to Europe and now North America.

SA1NT say they offer, 'a complete line of men’s and women’s riding and casual wear, SA1NT has grown synonymous with its UNBREAKABLE stretch denim. Integrated across SA1NT’s robust line of jeans and jackets, SA1NT’s UNBREAKABLE denim features 66% Dyneema, which is 200 times stronger than regular denim and has a slide time of six seconds, or 246 feet. Additional cuts, colors, and levels of protection are available throughout the line – allowing riders to select their preferred style and maintain world-class protection.'

I have a pair of their black jeans and flipping love them. I haven't been dragged down the road in them, but they're super-comfortable.

They have jeans with and without armour, in various cuts and colours for men and women.

Visit for Unbreakable motorcycle and workwear.


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