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Rye House '46

'Normal peace-time jobs seem a bit slow...'

Dirt track/speedway from 1946, immediately post-war. Lots of handsome JAP speedway iron and girder forks being ridden by former military despatch riders. This news 'feature' was filmed to be shown in British cinemas among the news and other entertainment features of the week and before a feature film. Next to no one would have a TV set, so this was the only way to see 'moving' news.

The action takes place at Rye House, a track north-east of London, that the UK dirt trackers still use now, nearly 75 years later, though it's unrecognisable.

Thanks to Russ for sending us the link.

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Jul 03, 2020

"There's been a fatal spill on the far side of the track. Never mind, back to the action!"

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