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Raffle Racing Kawasakis

This was sent to us by flat track stalwart, Mike 'Stu' Stuhler, and I love the look of those Kawasakis, and the story behind the teams name, so it's worth sharing. GI

Photo: Raffle Racing's Big-A-framed Kawasaki Ninja-based 750 and Scott-framed 750 sit on display before the AFT Production Twins races at the Sacramento Mile, 2021.

Here is an edited version of a press release:

Jim Terchila and Bob Berry, now newly re-branded as Raffle Racing (a play on the fact that Jim won their first race bike in a Facebook ticket raffle), managed to finish the American Flat Track Production Twins season in a respectable 16th-place overall, with their newly-signed rider, Kasey Sciscoe, we

'After starting the year off with another rider, we switched gears just after the Dallas rainout in early spring and brought on Kasey Sciscoe out of Camby, IN,' says Terchila. 'He's a former class champion at our former track at Mid-America Speedway, but had never ridden a Production Twins bike before this time. Between mechanical issues and some other logistics, Kasey did a great job in garnering two 9th-place finishes on the year and six top-12 finishes in the nine races where we qualified for every main event.

'Our primary bike is a 750cc Kawasaki/Big A bike that was originally built and raced by Chad Cose, and then later by Jay Maloney. This is the bike I won in a Facebook raffle for $350, hence our new team name of Raffle Racing for the 2022 season.'


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