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Print's Not Dead 3: How To...

How To Build A Motorcycle was an idea that was pitched to me to write, and is part of a range of How To books by the UK publisher, Laurence King. The hardback seems to have really caught people's imaginations, and the first print run sold out in just over three months. The reprint has just arrived in the UK, we restocked as soon as we could and now have books on the shelf ready to send.

If you order it from us you will get a copy I have signed.

Here are a few five star reviews for the book found online.

'Everything about this book is brilliant. Awesome illustrations, very well written, informative and it looks equally as good in the garage as it does on a coffee table in the lounge.'

'I wasn't sure what to expect from this book but it's absolutely brilliant, you can learn about different fairing names - from a bikini to a dustbin, handlebar shapes from jotas to apehangers and everything in between. My partner is a very experienced motorcyclist and works with bikes for a living so for those wondering how good a book it is from a professionals point of view he agrees it's wonderfully written and has exceptionally draw diagrams. Practical advice like how to change tyres, bleeding brakes, working with carburettors and more are all described well with many diagrams to help understanding for the reader. A book brilliant for both novices and experienced bikers alike. Highly recommend and will be getting more to gift in the future.'

'The first thing I noticed was the retro feel and look of the book. This takes me back to high school library books that I may have checked out way back when. There’s a lot of UK vernacular, which kind adds to the book in my opinion. The information is clear and useful. Even if you aren’t planning to mod a bike, there’s a lot of good information if you are looking to understand bike mechanics.'

And, for balance, here is the one and only one star review. I have no idea what the person is getting at, but everyone is welcome to their opinion.

'Very disappointing. Huge discrepancy between the apparent target group of this book with no knowledge at all of working on motorcycles nor mechanics in general, and the title’s aim to “build a motorcycle”. Very misleading title.'


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