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Print's Not Dead 2: SB44

Sideburn has diversified, through choice and partly necessity, during its lifetime. We launched as a magazine and we'll always be a magazine, but we're also now a brand, and I can say that without wincing, like I once would. All the fingers in pies keep things interesting and viable. The T-shirts and caps; the events (we'd love to come back with another one); the foreign riding trips.

Today we publish issue 44, 13 years after releasing the magazine in 2008.

What's changed in 13 years? Everything and nothing. Same editor in charge, some of the same contributors, and advertisers, who've been there from day one. But how dirt track is regarded, how many people who actually know what it is; motorcycle culture and how it's consumed; culture in general and how it is consumed; attention spans; the competition; expectations, attitudes... All changed.

We mixed things up for Sideburn 44, making it a photo special. We contacted 50 photographers ( I could've chosen another 50 more, and I'm kicking myself for some we missed) and split their contributions into four sections: Race; Street; Pits and Adventure.

Additionally we have an interview with official American Flat Track shooter Scott Hunter, a portfolio of Heidi Zumbrun; Harrison Mark's essential kit; Ed Subias's guide to take bike photos, and a never published anywhere before trophy queen photo with Kenny Roberts.

Go buy Sideburn magazine. Thanks for your support.


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