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Police and Thieves

New post from Portland Oregon, from Todd Marella.

Easter Sunday and a moto swap scheduled in the parking lot of See See's newest spot in the St. John’s area of Portland. Why wouldn’t a guy dress like an easter egg and ride a noisy two-stroke, unlicensed flat track bike on surface streets to the furthest reaches of NE Portland? My crew at the heap saw no issues. With Korry (@k_fitzpatrick_) following behind us in rescue van fashion with tools, just in case, Chris (@theironsociety) aboard his Panther framed Bultaco, and me on the green booger that is 73Q, set out from the heap (@cycleheap) to make the scene at See See.

Things went smoothly until Chris fouled a plug somewhere on Columbia Blvd, but we had spares in the van. I threw a new one just in case and we were on our way. These bikes like two and a half minutes of having their necks rung out much more than they do 20 minutes of ¼ throttle in fourth gear. We rolled up on a fairly typical chopper swap scene…lots of Harley stuff, cool stuff for old vans, and a pleasant variable in Gregor’s (@gregorhalenda) camp with his beautiful BMW Desert Sled on display…it’s stunning.

We answered some questions and entertained some expected stories about 'My dad used to race one of those Bultacos out at Sidewinders, back in the day.' One such gentleman told his version while pointing at my Yamaha… clearly not a Taco. Oh well, people are suckers for the sight, sound, and smell of an old two stroke race bike, no matter from which continent it hails.

We got some free beer from some old pals of Cycle Heap and Otto’s days gone by, toured the coffee shop, caffeinated ourselves, and set out for the Sandy Hut for snacks.

Casey (@gandhcycles) and Nick (@dinojesus_) met us for a drink, and cracked us up with their typical dry wit. Our Easter Sunday turned into Easter night, as we met some talkative counterparts at the table next to us, and ended up at some Italian restaurant in SE.

I rode home in the van on the same seat I started on that morning.Good times. Alas, 'Police and Thieves' stirs up quite a range of emotions, depending upon what’s going on in the world. Of late, hearing it just makes it all that much more urgent. The Clash certainly made this, tune, originally a melodic plea in a really high register performed by Junior Murvin, an anthemic call to arms and understanding.

Glad we didn’t see the Police.



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