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Phantom Passenger Manifest: A Poem

Guest post from Sideburn contributor, Ed Makowski.

Phantom Passenger Manifest

Years ago I bought my first nice motorcycle

and later, unrelated, was single. The bike

featured a passenger backrest

to which I gave

little thought.

That ride was my everything transportation

and over days and weeks gradually

appeared less appealing

to swing a leg over.

Eventually I’d sigh dreadfully

meandering to where

it leaned curbside.

Then one day

I removed the passenger backrest

to transport a large box.

The next morning I walked out the door

saw the maroon bodywork

glinting in the sun-dew

and grinned.

So much of life, of our

emotional arboretum

is the result of


microscopic pruning

or metastatic neglect,


the outlook,

the disposition

we carry with us

into our mornings

our weeks

our lives


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1 Comment
Aug 24, 2023


Those rims were made for lugging,

and thats what they will do etc etc....

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