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Off-Topic: B.A.D Mick Jones

I wrote a post for the website of Proper mag. It's about Big Audio Dynamite's lead singer Mick Jones. I know he was in another, more famous band, but I didn't write about The Clash's Mick Jones, just B.A.D's.

Below is a bit of it, and here's the rest

While Strummer’s star faded, in strode snaggle-toothed Mick. Centre stage, hip cocked, a carbon-fibre Bond Electraglide six-string slung behind his back. This is it. This is the moment that changed things. 32 years old, and looking every day of it, Jones was that most awkward of oxymorons, punk royalty, but he never fit the stereotype. Now he’d found a style of his own. White Levi’s with turn-ups, black engineer boots, thick leather belt with a custom BAD buckle from NYC, white denim shirt, flat brim, high-crown trucker cap, juju bead necklace. The black Schott biker jacket remained.


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