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Nick's 1972 Yamaha 360

We saw this crusty Yamaha at a recent Greenfield Dirt Track practice and wanted to share some photos we snapped of it. We sent the owner, Nick Rock, a few questions and this is the info he sent back.

I'm a motor mechanic from Chesterfield, I'm 45 years old and I've been riding flat track at Scunthorpe since the 1st Dirt Diggers event [2018], initially in the mx class on my modern KTM enduro bike, then decided to buy this bike and ride the vintage class.

The bike's a Yamaha RT2 360MX, so it's really the precursor to the YZ series. I've always ridden larger two-strokes and this bike really does it for me. It has a look that's just right and, as it's piston ported and I've put a larger flywheel on it, has a lovely torque curve.

I guess it's an import from California as it has some sort of reg tag on the back mudguard

It's standard apart from a 19in front rim, some Pro Taper flat track bars and a Rex Speed Shop ignition to try and keep reliability.

The bike came up for sale on eBay, near me in Matlock, and I made a low offer as I'm notoriously tight!

I use a trials tyre on the rear that I cut with an angle grinder, I've had this on about four years, and a free used rear speedway tyre on the front.

I did about 10 years of hare and hound enduro racing before flat track and found the closeness of the racing a real buzz. I love the feeling of sliding a bike that I brought across from the flat grassy corners of enduro, but without the need for a 3hr fitness level. I also like entering the flat track class and getting in the mix with the 450s.

I tend to ride track days on my R6 with my pals through the summer, so try my best to do all the winter series at Scunny to keep me riding. It's a great distraction from the monotony of work in a British winter time and the people at the track are great. It's a good community who help each other out and try and keep each other riding.

I bought a champion frame which I intended to swap the parts into but just can't bring myself to strip it so I have future plans for the champ and hope to ride both.

Photo: Braking Point Images.


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