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New UK Tracks

These photos were posted on the Short Track UK Facebook Group showing the early development of a new dirt track oval in Newark, Nottinghamshire.

The person who posted, and we assume is constructing it, says it should be ready for 2021. It looks in very early stages, currently just the shape ploughed into the field, but still encouraging news for the UK race community as and when it develops.

Meanwhile, Greenfield Dirt Track is being improved with hundreds of tons of new dirt and we also heard rumours of a new track near the now closed Rye House, on the site of motocross track.

While the new Grantham and Rye House-area tracks are positive moves, they don't make up for losing speedway track and the facilities, however dog-eared they might be, that we're consistently losing. There's not a lot we can do about it. The land these track were build on, back in the 1940s and '50s, it worth too much in crowded Britain for niche sports to keep them open. GI


If you're thinking of building your own track, big or small, read Greenfield George Pickering's guide in Sideburn 34


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