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Neil's Can-Am

The Sideburn-sponsored DTRA Vintage class continues to grow. It seems every race this year has seen at least one new entry appear, some are riders new to the sport, others existing DTRA racers trying a new class. Neil MacQueen falls in the latter category. Neil won the DTRA Inters class (between Rookie and 'Pro') a few years ago, and was promoted to the Pro class. At today's Greenfield TT practice he turned up with this freshly imported Can-Am 250.

Neil doesn't know a lot about the history of the bike. 'I have a friend who imports Harleys and I asked him to keep an eye out for something I could race in the vintage class,' Neil explains. This is what arrived in the container. He's knows it's a motocrosser, converted to flat track, and thinks Can-Am produced a guide for people wishing to do just that, back in the 1970s.

Neil is an engineer, so I'm guessing that footrest hangers days are numbered.

The engine was built in Austria by Rotax-Bombardier. Induction is through a disc valve in the crankcase, not the more common manifold on the barrel/piston-port induction. You can see the inlet above and the unusual Bing carb behind the frame. Cut-out in the number plate allows access to the choke lever.

Neil says the headstock has cups in it to adjust the steering geometry. The yoke/triple clamp set-up is clearly homemade, the bottom yoke started life as a top yoke.

Tasty pinstriping and a big, protective rear loop.

Omar's bars

Neil pointing at the brake that was causing a few issues. The bike ran really well, considering it arrived sight unseen and this was it's first weekend back on track. The cylinder head fins on the left side are shorter, to leave room for an up-and-over expansion chamber. The low pipe wasn't ideal for the TT practice, but it survived. The tank is a Wood style.

The variety of bikes in the DTRA vintage class is wonderful, from Harley/Aermacchi sprints, to Trackmaster BSAs and Champion Bultacos.

The final round of the Indian Motorcycle DTRA Flat Track National s series, that includes the vintage class is a two-day meeting at the Greenfield TT. on 11-12 September The Vintage bikes run on SUNDAY only.

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