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Mutt DRK-01

Birmingham-based Mutt Motorcycles continue to shift away from their roots of being a manufacturer building obviously vintage-styled, beginner-friendly bikes towards a more contemporary range. The majority of the company's models are still retro flavoured, but the styling of the Razorback 125 and 250 was a big step in the new direction with its upside-down forks, supermoto-stance, more angular tank, custom bike-style subframe and LED lights... The DRK-01 falls between the UK firm's retro roots and the Razorback.

Launched at this week's EIMCA show in Milan, the DRK-01 is Mutt's first liquid-cooled bike. It is, like all Mutts, a single cylinder, but this one is a six-speed, DOHC, 4-valve. Also, like most other models in the range, it will be available in 125 and 250 engine options.

The DRK-01's fuel tank has echoes of a Yamaha XJR1300 muscle bike with its lines and flush-mounted filler. Being 16.5-litre, it will offer plenty of miles between fill ups. Front forks are upside-downies, but the rear suspension is twin-shock, not mono, like the Razorback. There are LED lights front and rear, while the exhaust has the sports-style silencer, with just about the only flash of polished metal on the whole bike. Virtually everything else is either satin or gloss black. Detailing includes bash plate, spoked wheels, knobblies, drilled rear brake lever, tidy exhaust heat guard... It reminds me of the Wrenchmonkees' Monkeefist.

The DRK-01 is available from Spring 2023, with prices are yet to be finalised.

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