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Moto Vinyl - 7x7in of aural pleasure

Blog post from Norm Motorcycho!

Here are seven of my 'favourite' moto-themed 7-inchers

Eddie Kidd - Heavy Metal

Eddie Kidd was the English Evel Knievel. He holds many records for distance jumping over trucks and cars in the day, and even beat Robbie Knievel in a Jump-Off in a 1993 contest. Eddie appeared in a number of movies as a stunt double, perhaps his most notable was doubling for Harrison Ford in the the 1979 movie Hanover Street. He also appeared in a few films as an actor as well. As well as movies… Eddie did a number of 7" and LP releases. The one in my collection features two fairly unlistenable songs, one of which, Heavy Metal, appeared in a film he starred in called Riding High. Painful music, but a great cover!

CYCLE! by Revell

Put out by the Revell Model kit company in 1969, I'm guessing this 7in was supposed to be a young person's introduction to the exciting world of motorcycles. Some motorcycle history, an exaggerated play by play of a Isle of Man TT race, a mock interview with a flat track racer, and some other random cycle sounds make up most of this recording.

David Essex - Silver Dream Machine

Best known for his '70s hit Rock On, David Essex was also a man of many talents. Silver Dream Machine was a movie starring Essex as a talented motorcycle racer achieving his racing dreams. The cover, featuring Essex astride the 'revolutionary bike' from the movie, features the two versions of the title track - vocal and instrumental.

The Silencers - Go Baby Go

In 1999, The Silencers put out a great Davie Allan inspired LP called Cyclerific Sounds. A couple years after the release of that LP, they released this 7in which featured the song Love Theme from Motorcycho, inspired by the magazine of the same name! The Silencers had a great fuzz-drenched surf rock Davie Allan revisited sound. The B-side featured covers of songs from Alice Cooper and Billy Gibbons (pre-ZZ Top)

Johnny Hallyday - Les Mauvais Garcons

Johnny Hallyday is probably the most famous, biggest rock star you have never heard of! He has released hundreds of 7s and LPs, and is credited for bringing rock 'n' roll to France (hence the nickname… The French Elvis!). Not only the King of (French) rock 'n' roll, Johnny was an avid motorcycle enthusiast and a number of his releases featured motorcycles on the cover. This is the only one in my collection right now but I have begun an exhaustive search for more.

The Demonics - She-Devils on Wheels

Catchy pop-punk single featuring a nice tribute to the classic 1968 female motorcycle gang movie of the same name. The movie also featured one of the greatest of all motorcycle songs, Get off the Road, (also known as Maneaters) which has been covered by many bands including The Cramps and The Evaporators. Side 2 is a cover of the Gary Usher (famous for the Hondells and the Superstocks) song This Bike of Mine. The Demonics also had an LP featuring the members on bikes entitled Demons on Wheels.

Various Artists - Always Wear an Approved Safety Helmet

Shameless plug, in the '90s I put out two compilation 7in records, both completely concerned with motorcycles. This was the second of the releases, the first was entitled 4 Songs about Motorcycles.

Five songs, four bands, 33.3 rpm featuring: Thee Skablins; the bastard child of Nardwuar the Human Serviettes band, The Evaporators; two songs from lo-fi Vancouver surf band, The Mach 3; legendary punk rock band from Kamloops, Thee Pirates (they played my sons 8th birthday party!) and The Tony Mentzer Experience, who I know nothing about other than he sent me a song that I liked

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Apr 09, 2020

So good, Norm! Can I come over to your house after school and listen to records? Nicely done. Reading the piece may have reignited my interest in buying vinyl...especially 7” at a time...oh great. Thanks a lot!🤦🏻‍♂️

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