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Mancunia Motorcycle Festival

After two years of few motorcycle events taking place, get ready for a wave of announcements. First up...

Mancunia Motorcycle Festival is a new motorcycle event is launching in Manchester on 6-8 May.

The event relies on a lot of the aspects of the bike world's most popular shows, with, it sounds, a much bigger emphasis on the food, drink and social side of things, which is a reflection of the background of the organisers behind the event.

Royal Enfield are on board as headline sponsor and bringing their range of new bikes, show-stopping, one-off customs and newly signed stunt rider Lee Bowers.

The venue, Depot Mayfield, looks fantastic, and regularly hosts music and food festivals.

Show co-promotor Will Evans says, 'This is an event I've wanted to create for some years now. Until now the North of England hasn’t been well served with bike shows and certainly hasn’t seen anything like this before. We really want to bring something fresh and new to Manchester. We want to bring together not just lovers of bikes but music, fashion and food. The DEPOT MAYFIELD is an amazing venue and the perfect place for this unique event. We can’t wait to share this amazing mix of Brews, Blades and BBQ with Manchester’

Visit for more details and tickets.


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