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Learning to Skateboard (at 80)

Sideburn's right-hand man, Dave Skooter Farm has taught his dad, Trevor, how to skateboard. At the age of 80, and made this short film about it.

If there's a message (and there is), it's don't let age, or what other people might think of you, stop you doing something you want to try.

You can read our profile on Super Dave Skooter Farm in SB37. Available as a single issue or part of a back issue bundle, three mags for £14. BUY SIDEBURN MAGAZINE

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Absolutely beautiful. Inspiring, heartwarming, and a much needed restoration of faith in the human spirit. Thanks for going to the trouble, Dave. It’s a lovely film and a great story. Thank you Alison and Trevor for raising such a fine boy in Dave. And to you Sideburn…for all the stuff you do. Dig.

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